New Changes to Gmail’s Promotions Tab

If you all remember, when Gmail decided to change their inbox view for users for better organization, now they have expanded on this effort by improving on the Promotions tab portion.

Now you can see a more Image style grid view of the tab, sort of reminding you of Pinterest style images.

They are currently in the Field Trial testing. If you would like to sign up for the testing and see if you will be approved, sign up for the Field Trial here.

FYI: I did sign up and got approved. I actually liked this view. I think since initially I was very hesitant to change my Gmail inbox around to the new format, so this change is not a huge deal for me.


  • This gives users a quicker way to scroll through your emails. Let’s face it; we all get a lot of emails that go to the promotions tab, and it can build up pretty quickly. Looking at the grid method can help weed through the important promotions.


  • For email marketers, if images was not part of your campaign, then you may need to rethink that concept. Gmail has some tips to help the Promotion tabs transition here.

As you can see below, if you don’t have an image configured, you will only see the wording.

Promotional Emails In An Image View

It is in the early stages so my list of Pro’s and Cons may certainly grow. But that is what the field trial is for. Testing is the lifeline of product creation.

I will update this post as more feedback comes in for this new option.